Theological German   Dr. Thorsten Moritz 

Native German speaker, published scholar, theology & hermeneutics professor and Ph.D. adviser with extensive university and German teaching experience. Email me.

You may be visiting this site because...  
  • are a research student in Theology, Philosophy, Bible, History etc. You face a tough German language requirement.
  • require help with translating a complex or archaic German text portion. 
  • need to have an entire article or chapter translated.
  • are an accomplished scholar and want to publish your English article in German.
  • ...your school or university is unable to provide quality theological German instruction.
    Join us by Zoom (like Skype/free video conferencing), or invite us to your campus. We
    know what we're doing and have been doing it for years.

  •     Three intensive courses on offer.  6-7 weeks each, 2 sessions/wk. 20 hrs. total/course.
  •     TG 1 - Basic  requires no prior German. It covers all the language basics.
  •     TG 2 - Reading  presupposes TG 1 or equivalent. Textbook Ziefle (see below).
  •     TG 3 - Seminar  TG 1 presupposed. Students present/discuss translations of choice.
  •     Clinic -- Online: Book it. Bring your specific language problems. We'll solve them!
  •     Consulting -- Individual tutoring, abstracts or anything else you need.
  •     Translation -- German texts at all levels of complexity. Audio or typed. Publishable.
  •     We use ZOOM video conferencing. You get a link by email. Click on it. You're online.
  •     Pricing: You commit to one TG course at a time. Billed weekly.
  •     Your first TG course costs $500. Your second $425. Your third $350. 
  •     Clinic: Billed at $15 for 30 min. or $25 per hour.
  •     Consulting/individual tuition: $35/hour for private individuals, $70 for institutions.
  •     Translation work is billed in the 8-12 cents/word range, depending on complexity.
  •     Pay by Paypal or by check: Paypal address is
  •     Institutions in the Twin Cities pay $150/hour for classroom teaching
  •     Groups/institutions elsewhere pay approx. $250/hour, depending on my travel.

Are you looking for taught classes?

I have taught Theological German classes and tutorials at all levels and in many locations, incl. on Skype. They can be offered either where you live (if numbers permit), or in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), or increasingly on Zoom (I have the subscription - for you it's free). Other than the textbooks etc. (below), I provide electronically whatever materials my students need. Email me

Do you need to a publication-ready translation? Or just an abstract?
You may have experienced the frustration of having to spend way more time on a German text than you can afford to devote to a project. I will solve the issue for you as affordably as is reasonably possible. Email me.

What else will this site do for you (soon)?
Youtube videos. Annotated sample texts. Much needed
corrections and additions to H. Ziefle's Modern Theological German. Practical strategies for exam preparation. A free Q&A. Post your German language problem and I will solve it for you on this site. If the scope of your question goes beyond what a free Q&A can do, book a Skype slot with me and I'll walk you though it. Email us.

Tools needed for classes (please purchase):

PREPARATION (optional): German Made Simple. Actually it would be useful to have this book for TG1 anyway. (If you happen to have the Everything Learning German book instead, that's quite ok too.)

TG 1 - Basic: Vocabulary cards, Grammar chart, Essential German Grammar. I will also provide a free 50-page grammar summary to registered students.

TG 2 - Reading: Modern Theological German. We will also use some online texts that do not need to be purchased.


  • On March 25th, 2014 we will start a new German class for beginners (TG1). This will be online (Zoom) and will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9pm (central time)
  • If you can't make that schedule, the recordings will be available by private youtube link for half the normal course fee.
  • In May/June it will followed by TG 2 for which we will be using Ziefle's book (see bottom of this page), at least initially. A few weeks into class, we will switch to other texts that we agree on as a group. 
  • Email us with any questions.
  • Check out "Tools" section on the left!
  • In the Hands-on section a difficult German sample sentence is explained and translated. I will gradually add more examples. Submit yours and have it translated and explained by me for free.
  • In the same section I added a step-by-step guide for breaking down complex German sentences. 
Students are often advised in blogs to use April Wilson's German Quickly (GQ), although the presentation of the material is sometimes more complex and unwieldy than is necessary. I did use the book for one year, but the student feedback came in much lower than that offered in response to Essential German Grammar (EGG). However, everyone learns a little differently, and if students prefer to use GQ, they are free to do so. My 50-page grammar summary for enrolled students is cross-linked (page numbers) to both EGG and GQ.

Start at zero. Or hone your advanced skills...

Translate or summarize in a matter of weeks...

Read the Moltmanns and Pannenbergs of this world...

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